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Limitless Possibilities and Opportunities of Mobile Phone Banking for PFIs and Clients

Mobile phone activities are greatly affecting the lives of people everywhere – from keeping in touch with loved ones through either SMS or voice call to handling and managing cash and non-cash transactions for business purposes – mobile phone communication has become an indispensible part of our lives that we can no longer ignore. Mobile phone credits or “cell phone load” plays a vital role in this process. People need to acquire an amount of load for a cellular phone to enable it to perform any of the services required of a particular need or transaction.

Pursuant to SEEDFINANCE’s advocacy of providing meaningful financial services to the poor, it has collaborated with DLUCKY3 TRADING AND GENERAL MERCHANDISING INC.* to bring convenient and beneficial airtime loading system to Partner-Financial Institutions (PFIs) with SMART Money operations. By working with D’LUCKY3, PFIs become Sub-Key Account partners where limitless opportunities to generate additional income through airtime load distribution are sizeable.  Members and clients of PFIs also get to benefit by doing airtime load retailing without any known boundaries thus, yielding better income share.

Having an IN-HOUSE AIRTIME LOADING SYSTEM can save a great deal of money on the communication expense of households aside from the income opportunities that the business provides.

*D’LUCKY3 is a Key Account partner of SMART Communications that serves as Ambassador to various communities and entities such as companies, corporations, associations and cooperatives by providing the easiest source of airtime load in the country.

Visit www.dlucky3.com for more information.

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